BD-40 Metallurgical Microscope

BD-40 Metallurgical Microscope

Multiplying power:40X 100X 200X 500X

Observation method: transmission, reflection, oblique illumination, polarization

Application features: photo, video, measurement

Application industry: section of PCB copper thick and green oil thickness measurement, coating thickness measurement, diamond cutter blade observation, etc

  • BD-40 Metallurgical Microscope
  • BD-40 Metallurgical Microscope

Advantage: BD-40 as modified form metallurgical microscope,Integration with our sales model XY series, BD - 4Rand the latest research and development of BD - 50 study several technical advantages of metallographic microscope, and according to the market demand to optimize the overall performance. BD - 40 with excellent imaging performance, comfortable experience, to provide customers with cost-effective metallographic analysis and industrial test solution.

★Using neonatal bed comfortable Angle (30° )observation, relieves the user in the working status of tight for a long time.

★Fall shot illuminator used cora lighting system, with view of aperture, aperture and oblique illumination device ;Preset up partial mirror, the mirror with the color filter to the slot.

★Single 5 w warm white LED lighting (3000-3300 k), compared with the same kind of LED lighting, can reduce the observer's visual fatigue to the greatest extent.

★Rod device for the field of aperture and aperture,center is adjustable,the size of the flexible adjustment range of lighting,Effectively avoid the false light influence on the image.

★The polariscope with partial mirror can realize simple polarization observation, you can also according to the demand, choose different colors of color filter to obtain ideal.

★Samples can be placed through reflection rack up to 28 mm, reflection frame by rotating the picture on the right position “□”same screws,Can decline of 50 mm object stage, so that the largest sample height is 78 mm.

★Random M4 straight shank Allen key storage, make full use of the available space of the fuselage, within easy reach of the tool to make your operation.

★Random spacing device,which can effectively prevent the sample with the objective to touch, to avoid damage.

★Using RX50M excellent condenser system, numerical aperture bigger,higher brightness,a sharp rise in the transmitted light passing rate.

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