BD-6R series Metallurgical Microscope

BD-6R series Metallurgical Microscope

Standard configuration magnification:50X 100X 200X

Observation method: transmission, reflection, polarized light, dark field, DIC differential interference

Application features: photo, video, measurement

Application industry: section of PCB copper thick and green oil thickness measurement, coating thickness measurement,Liquid crystal display and mobile phone screen industry particles blasting and creasing

  • BD-6R series Metallurgical Microscope

BD-6R series combination of flexible system, excellent imaging performance and stability of the system structure, MX6R series professional field applied in the industrial test and metallographic analysis each operating mechanism according to ergonomics design, maximum use to reduce fatigue. The component of modular design, can free combination of system function. Integrated with bright and dark field, oblique illumination and polarization, DIC differential interference and other observation function, according to the actual application, select the function.

■BD-6RCan realize the X, Y direction 158 mmx158mm movement range.

■New design of the long working distance professional optical lens, high power objective lens by using half compound technology.

■Under various observation methods can get clear, sharp and high contrast microscopy images.

■The attachment is complete, the configuration is perfect, flexible system combination and function expansion.

■Ergonomic design, solid and reliable system structure.

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