BD-200 Metallurgical Microscope

BD-200 Metallurgical Microscope

Standard configuration magnification:50X 100X 200X  500X

Observation method: transmission, reflection, simple polarization

Application features: photo, video, measurement

Application industry: LED chip size measurement, mobile particles blasting, coating thickness analysis, optical testing, etc

  • BD-200 Metallurgical Microscope
  • BD-200 Metallurgical Microscope

BD - 200 series adopts flat field achromatic optical metallographic microscope system and drop shot cora lighting system, at the same time in lighting set Meter antireflection structure in the system,Effectively prevent imaging light reflected light interference, so as to make the image more clear, field contrast is better.

■Provide stable and reliable operating mechanism, make the image more clear, simple operation.

■A microscope lens body ergonomics design, new structure symmetry, realizing the lens body extension building blocks.

■Workbench, light intensity and coarse tuning low operation, improve the use of comfort.

■Widely used in various types of semiconductor silicon wafer testing, materials science research, the analysis of geological mineral and precision engineering and other fields.

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