BD-SW1001 Biological Microscope

BD-SW1001 Biological Microscope

Monocular can connect the computer   1000 times   halogen light source Consulting
  • BD-SW1001 Biological Microscope

BD-SW1001 video inspection,configuration achromatic objective and Wild vision eyepieces,Built-in color CMOS camera device,Clear imaging optical system with video camera system,New type of LED optical collector low consumption,long life,Mainly used in stem cell, observation and dynamic display, such as mite bug to is human body health, beauty, and other areas of the life of the ideal instrument.

Performance feature

▲Configuration of large eyepiece and achromatic lens, big and clear field of view.

▲Built-in color CMOS camera device,video output.

▲Coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism,Micro scale:2μm

▲Highlighting the white light LED lighting, brightness is adjustable

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