XQ-2B Pointing Machine

XQ-2B Pointing Machine

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Main application

  XQ - 2 B metallographic specimen inlaying machine (hereinafter referred to as the inlaying machine) suitable for tiny metallographic specimen is not plastic, not easy to take for thermosetting plastics. Can be easy after forming the polishing operation, but also to sample in metallographic microscope to determine the microstructure. In inlaying machine can work reliably under the following conditions:

1、Height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level

2、Surrounding medium temperature is not more than + 40 degrees Celsius, not bottom - 10 degrees Celsius;

3、The air relative humidity is not more than 85% (at 20 degrees Celsius);

4、There is no obvious vibration and turbulence;

5、No conductive dust, explosive gas, and can seriously disrupt metal and insulation of the corrosive gas.

Architectural feature

  This machine is a mechanic inlaying machine, rotating the body outside the handwheel, make through a pair of bevel gear driven by the screw pressing sample move up and down the die in the die set inside, hot plastic because with the set of samples of samples under the condition of heating forming. Forming pressure in the process of sample preparation by fixed within the collective spring automatic compensation, pressing pressure can be made of light sample give instructions.  

This Mosaic machine configuration digital temperature controller, so as to realize the real-time temperature display and temperature independent setting, configuration timer, and realizes the sample preparation of half automation, greatly improving the work efficiency. 8 to 10 minutes each Mosaic sample preparation time, smooth as a mirror of the ideal specimen can be obtained.  

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